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Life Below Your Lips

Somewhere under the chin and above the décolleté is the Y area – the area of the jaw and neck. This is one of the first areas to show signs of ageing as early as the age of 35. What can be done to prevent signs as laxity in the jaw line and neck, or vertical and horizontal fine lines on the neck? If these signs go untreated, the damage becomes almost irreversible.

Instead of a firm, tight jaw line, the face will display sagging and take on a bulldog appearance that gives away age more than anything else.


Main reasons for Y-area ageing

  • thinner skin than in other facial areas
  • dryer skin due to fewer sebaceous glands in the area
  • inability to maintain moisture balance in the area
  • reflex contractions of the muscles in the area pull down the jaw line
  • decrease in hormonal activity prevents renewal and tightening of the tissues
  • double chin resulting from watching TV & looking at mobile phone screens

Possible solutions

40% of women interviewed stated that ageing of the Y-area made them look older than their biological age. Treating the area with specifically designed products at young ages will prevent or at least slow down the appearance of the unwanted signs.


  • avoid unprotected, prolonged exposure to sun rays
  • avoid applying perfume on the neck and décolleté when exposed to sun rays (such exposure leads to the formation of spots and dilatation of blood vessels)
  • avoid prolonged head lowering to watch TV or look at the mobile screen
  • make sure to apply products containing specific active ingredients and best absorbed in the skin, developed to treat this area

The high incidence of depleted Y-area has led to the development of targeted treatments

Non-invasive treatments

  • Use specific products containing peptides promoting collagen formation responsible for tightening loose skin, and intelligent hyaluronic acid and essential nutrients that smooth the skin and blur visibility of line lines.
  • See your aesthetician more often and request treatment of the Y-area – massage of the jaw and neck and application of the right skincare products visibly improve the appearance of the area.

Invasive treatments

Technological: radio and ultrasound frequency deliver heat to the tissue below the epidermis, stimulating collagen production and contracting fibers to tighten the skin

Mesotherapy:medical, cosmetic promotes tightening and renewal

Injections: botox, hyaluronic acid, melting under-skin threads


Opting for an invasive treatment should in no way exclude the non-invasive treatment. Make sure you observe a strict daily treatment routine in order to maintain results over time.

When should treatment be started?

At young ages make sure to use skincare products specifically targeting the area.

Starting with the age of 35 it is recommended to use specific products that help prevent future damage, correct existing damage, and firm and tighten the skin in this delicate area.